iCooked Influencer Campaign

Project Description

We recently led an influencer campaign for one of our clients iCooked. The objective was to raise brand awareness and that we did!

To do this, we sent free product to 30 local influencers in the ‘mum’ sector. When selecting the right influencers for this campaign, we didn’t just focus on their follower count. Instead, we did our research and ensured their engagement rate was consistently tracking above the average.

Most of the influencers we work with don’t have thousands of followers, instead they have a much smaller following of highly engaged users. This is what you call a micro influencer - every day, authentic people who have built an audience by being genuine and relatable.  

The outcome of this activation was fantastic. Following the campaign, iCooked’s sales increased by 161% and their Instagram source rate increased by a massive 1,900%.

To leverage the campaign further, we led a focus group with the influencers to gain qualitative data and provide our client with in depth market feedback around her products.

Project Details

  • Client: iCooked
  • Categories: Web, Social, Digital, Engagement, Graphic Design, Strategy and Planning, Communications, General
  • Date: 15 Apr 2019
  • Website: www.icooked.com.au

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