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Project Description

Round Square Marketing works with the best in their fields and were honoured to receive a contract from Fitzy's to develop their functions kit. With such a strong brand and presence in Toowoomba, it was such a thrill working with this ever adaptable company.

The family owned and run establishment loves the industry they're in and loves a good party like the rest of us so making a functions kit showcasing what they offer was a job we wouldn't turn away! Offering a variety of spaces for differnt style functions, sizes and differing catering options there is something for everyone at Fitzy's!

Round Square Marketing had a number of consultation with Brad and Anita to understand the needs of the business and where they wanted to positioned within the market and what they had to offer. The functions kit provides a great insight into Fitzy's space and answers all questions in relation to hosting you private function there. We ensured that Brad and Anita were provided with a final document that they were proud to provide their clientelle and send out to the community - and they are ecstatic with the result! This is an ever changing document and Brad and Anita have the ability to update and edit as their space or menus change.

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Project Details

  • Client: Fitzy's
  • Categories: Communications, Engagement, Graphic Design, Strategy and Planning
  • Date: 01 Feb 2016
  • Website: www.fitzys.com

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