Allure Clinic & Dr Mark Magnusson Re-brand


Project Description

From our clients strategic marketing workshops, it was understood that both the Allure Clinic and Dr Mark Magnusson brands needed to incorporate a stronger co-branded approach with so many of the clients engaging across both businesses.

We undertook a brand refresh process, incorporating the original basis and ethos of both brands which the marketplace had come to know and recognise. By simply refining both logos and tweaking aspects to suit a more modern aesthetic – the premium and polished identities of both brands were further strengthened.

Introducing icons across both brands provided variations of the extended text logo versions, which are better positioned across digital and social platforms which are utilised by both businesses. 

As Dr Mark Magnusson’s brand already incorporated navy, we also adopted the navy background across the Allure Clinic logo to unify both brands and also provide a more contemporary appearance to the previously predominantly pink and feminine version of the logo.

By incorporating simple structural changes and iconology additions to each brands logos as well as combining the colour palette - both brands now have a more cohesive identity within the marketplace.

Project Details

  • Client: Allure Clinic & Dr Mark Magnusson
  • Categories: Web, Social, Digital, Engagement, Graphic Design, Strategy and Planning
  • Date: 01 Mar 2019
  • Website: www.allurecosmeticclinic.com.au

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