We've launched our all new workshops – introducing, the anticipated (and heavily requested) RSM Academy!

We have been working with social media clients both large and small over the last five years and have learnt so much in the trenches of ‘the world’ of social media – the good, the bad and the ugly. As our society becomes more digitally focused, so do our clients’ consumer behaviour – those businesses who are adapting are flourishing, those who aren’t are falling behind.


With over 79% of the entire population now using social media daily (Sensis, 2018), it's crucial your business is capitalising on this exposure. 


Weekly, we are approached by local businesses about social media and how they can use it more effectively. We wanted to offer businesses a solution that they can implement themselves and we have spent the last 6 months writing course notes, researching trends and tapping into some of Australia’s leading social media agencies, so we can share some of our juiciest knowledge with you!  


This knowledge has been acquired over many years of on-hands experience, in-depth internal training of our own as well as an innovative approach to trailing new systems and continuously innovating in the digital space to reach heightened success.


So let us ask you a few questions - did you know?

  • - The difference between paid and organic posting?
  • - The difference between Facebook and Instagram?
  • - What engagement rate should my business be looking to achieve?
  • - Why you shouldn’t be ‘boosting’ posts?
  • - The in’s and out’s of the algorithm and how it effects your page performance?
  • - How to use your insights to better position your posts for your target audience?
  • - What a hashtag strategy is?
  • - What’s a geotag?
  • - What the various post types on Facebook and Instagram are?
  • - What is social media ROI and how do you measure it for your brand?
  • - What is a CTA?
  • - What is a Facebook Pixel?


If you answered ‘no’ to any of the above – these courses will help you learn how to position your profiles and feel confident in approaching your businesses online activity for success into the future.


Dates for upcoming workshops (Social Essentials and Seriously Social) will be released soon.


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