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An Integrated Marketing Agency

Why work with us? We combine the outstanding service, proven expertise and resources of a large corporate with flexibility and fresh thinking you won’t get anywhere else.

Energetic and enthusiastic, we think, plan and move a step ahead of the rest to get you the tangible results and competitive edge you need. For all your strategic marketing and communication services, call us. We’d love to chat. 


Strategy & Planning

Persuade, influence, entice. With our expert marketing strategy and planning advice we’ll help you build awareness, connect with customers and achieve better outcomes for your business.

If your marketing activities aren’t based on solid research, strategic insight and planning, well, it’s likely you’re having more misses than hits. Imagine taking the mystery out of marketing. You can, with our expert advice.

To market effectively you need to know without a doubt what makes you unique and how you click with your target audience in ways your competition doesn’t. And, for maximum impact you need to integrate marketing into the rest of your business activities. We have years of experience in helping businesses align their marketing strategies with their budgets, short and long-term business plans and overall vision. We’ll help you: 

  • Define your point of difference
  • Research your customer/client needs
  • Identify your gaps and strengths
  • Undertake competitor analysis
  • Develop integrated marketing campaigns
  • Creating advertising that works across all media types

Make your marketing budget work for you. Talk to us at Round Square Marketing to see how you can get measurable results that make a difference.

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Event & Management

Event & Management

Want a corporate event with a difference? We provide event management services for Australia’s largest fundraising daytime event. Leave the planning, logistics, sponsorship and promotion of your next event to us.

Managing a successful event is like solving a jigsaw puzzle. You need the creative ability to see the big picture and the focus to solve the details.

We love bringing all the pieces of the event puzzle together.

We’re known as Toowoomba and Southern Queensland’s event specialists. We manage some of the biggest events on regional Queensland’s calendar and have turned It’s a Bloke Thing Prostate Cancer Luncheon into a multi-million dollar fundraiser. Whether it’s identifying the right sponsorship and partnership opportunities for you, working with suppliers, or developing a cracking promotional strategy we have the resources you need. We will:

  • Focus your event to align with your business goals
  • Use our wealth of local knowledge and resources to identify partners
  • Secure sponsorship
  • Manage promotion and social media
  • Create brand and identity
  • Develop marketing collateral
  • Manage logistics

We thrive on the energy and excitement of pulling together a successful event. Put that energy to work for you and call us for your next corporate event.

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Serious about genuine community and stakeholder engagement? Talk to us about how to develop strategies that support your business goals and protect reputation.

Successful businesses know that genuine community and stakeholder engagement is an integral part of operating. The most common mistake we see businesses make is shying away from undertaking any stakeholder engagement because they see it as a roadblock to delivering on time and on budget – only to end up in crisis later down the track because they didn’t gain public acceptance.

Knowing who your stakeholders are, what they need, how you impact them, and talking to them early is crucial to long-term success. With more than 10 years’ experience in creating positive legacies and facilitating smooth project delivery for companies across Queensland the Round Square Marketing team is serious about engagement. Our engagement services include:

  • Stakeholder analysis and mapping
  • Strategic communication planning
  • Facilitating community reference groups
  • Acting as community liaison
  • Managing community investment programs
  • Managing consultation for environmental and social impact assessments
  • Assisting with conflict resolution and negotiations
  • Managing government relations



Whether it’s working with media, community, business2business, industry leaders or your own staff, our strategic and tactical skills can help you spread the message you want heard.

Build credibility, break new markets and make an impact with Round Square Marketing’s suite of communication services. Whether it’s an internal or external audience, we combine our real world understanding of your business with our expertise and fresh perspective to bring you communication solutions that work.

As busy people we know you value smart thinking and plain talking. We’ve worked with Boards and executive leaders across a variety of industries and not-for-profits to deliver just that. Our corporate communication strategies not only safeguard reputations, but deliver messages that cut through to people you need to reach.

For a concentrated campaign, or general communication support we can help with:

  • Corporate writing
  • Internal communication
  • Public relations
  • Media relations
  • Issues and crisis communication
  • Corporate communication strategy

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Web, Social, Digital

Web, Social, Digital

Expand your online presence with our graphic design, web development, digital marketing and social media services.

Show your business off beautifully with our high quality design and digital services that don’t just look great, but enhance how your audience engages with your brand.

The web is where your customers will find you. Make sure you give them an intuitively designed, easy navigational experience that will leave them delighted, engaged and wanting more. Working with Toowoomba’s Indigo Web, we can create you a custom website that reflects who you are and what you offer. And, we’ll back up your visually stunning site with intensive testing and supportive training to make sure it’s a smooth process from end to end.

Ask us about our social and digital marketing solutions. We’ll work with you to decide which platform and channels are best for your brand and help you manage your accounts. If you’re just dipping your toe into the digital world, we offer training and support, so you can move forward with confidence. The online world offers the fastest way to connect with customers and stakeholders. We’ll teach you how to make those connections and transform them into lasting, integrated marketing strategies that get real world results. Talk to us about:

  • Website design and development
  • Digital marketing
  • Manage social media accounts
  • Social media training
  • Email marketing

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Brand Development

Brand Development

Put your best foot forward. Learn how your business can live and breathe its brand with our comprehensive brand development service.

Strong brands know who they are, and they show it in every single thing they do. Brands aren’t just about a logo and look that knocks your socks off, although that’s part of it. A performing brand clearly tells your unique story in a way that hits a bullseye with your target market.

Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you offer? How are you different?

Round Square Marketing will help you dig deep to answer these questions and develop a brand that resonates with your customers. We do this the way we approach everything: by combining our expertise, enthusiasm and fresh perspectives to deliver tangible solutions.

And once the strategy has been fully explored and realised, we’ll help you create a visual identity and style that truly pops. From logos, brochures, business cards to banners, each piece will reflect your value promise, and clearly communicate who you are.

  • Brand strategy and research
  • Brand identity and graphic design
  • Brand design
  • Brand audits
  • Rebranding

Distinguish yourself from the rest. Talk to us about our brand development services.

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